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Underwater Love 3






10:00 pm open end




Marius Jopen


Singel 165A
1012 WE Amsterdam
(under the bridge)

Ahoy Lovers!

A few weeks ago we received bad news from our friends from Het Spinhuis: The municipality decided to rent out the space to another party, so they are forced to leave it soon.

The Spinhuis collective were our hosts and partners for two of our favorite events: Underwater Love 1 & 2 last year, so we did not want to miss the opportunity to organize our third and last gathering in this beautiful 17th century dungeon. We’re thankful to the Spinhuis for hosting us on such short notice and look forward to shake up this dungeon with love and beats one last time :)

+++ LOVE (entrance) +++

The entrance is donation based.We suggest 5€, so we can cover the costs of renting the soundsystem (300€). Everybody is welcome, though, with or without making a donation. As always, we rave for a good cause. We don’t pay any individual and keep the costs low to raise more funds. 80% of the profit we make will be donated to our Water project with Viva con Agua Nederland & Simavi in Kenya and the remaining 20% will be reinvested into financing future Love Foundation events.
Have a look at for more info.

We will let people in until we will reach full capacity, so come early to secure your spot. When the place will be full, we will act on the simple principle of: one person out, another person in.

+++ LOCATION +++

Located under a bridge in the city center, this pirate dungeon has been squatted by the autonomous student collective Het Spinhuis and turned into a non-profi community centre. In the past years they have been organizing a wide range of cultural events such as music, theatre, info-nights, yoga lessons for students and locals. The center is entirely run by volunteers.

+++ ART +++

As last time, we will ask each one of you to be the artists! We will provide a big canvas and water colors in order to collectively create an artwork.

+++ MUSIC +++

Nikos aka Enka is an institution of the Amsterdam Underground Music Scene. He is hosting the "Monthly Living Room Sessions" and has played in numerous locations from Trouw to Oosterbar to the Waterhouse. He is a loyal resident raver at our parties and we are happy to see him on the other side of the decks for us.
For a pre taste check:

Lola Villa
If you have been part of the LF Family in the last year then there is no need to introduce this lovely Resident of ours. Lola had one of her very first performances at L'utopia last year April. Since then, it has been a pleasure to watch her rise to the top. After gigs at countless places, ranging from New York to Burning Man to Romania, we are happy to have her with us once again.
Be prepared for some darker dungeon sounds for this special edition.
Until then, enjoy the set that started it all:

To ensure a pleasant experience for your ears, we are bringing our good old SOUNDDream soundsystem - the secret star of our events. ;)

See you in the dungeons.

Much love,

Love Foundation Amsterdam