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04/05/2017 — 05/05/2017


2:00 pm — 8:00 pm






Something new is coming to Maastricht.
We want to create a space with you to live out creativity and enjoy time at your own speed. Slowly. But surely, like a turtoise. In order to realize this,the Love Foundation Maastricht has found their dream-collaborater in the Pilzkiste, the last adult playground of Maastricht.

We will provide a space for visitors to share and experience the diversity of expression.
The event starts with the usual skate cafe but will gradually evolve into a vibrating atmosphere produced by a unique selection of musicians. Djs from such mind-altering festivals as Fusion & Burning Man are coming to share downtempo beats and melodies with YOU, the most crucial part of this shaman-esque gathering.
Numerous workshops, performances and activities will keep all of us busy, wavy and warm. Activities will range from Japanese marbelling, culinary self-application with Cook & Connect to body-awareness workshops and soundscaping adventures. In addition to this, there will be an art exhibition as well as theatre and dance acts and a Love Hotel to offer you temporary retreat in times of fatigue.

This is only a preview of this special something that will await you in our otherwordly microcosm on the 4th and 5th of May. The other beautiful activities awaiting you will be announced periodically before the start of the event. Food and drinks will be available to satisfy any basic human (and alcoholics'-) needs.
Keep an eye on this event page, slow news will follow.

When forces join, magic happens.
Much Love.