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The Shamaniac Movement is a shamanic art and music project by Kiki Toao and Rombout Wagenaar, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Our primary goal is to gather musicians and artists for spiritual development by creative experiment. Aim of our activities is to elevate our souls and spirits and create awareness, openness and acceptation of a spiritual lifestyle.

We honor the teachings of our Elders, yet we feel we need to trust in and start building on our own power and let Spirit be our guidance.
We are the new generation, we’ve got the opportunity to integrate the Old Ways with the tools the present and future are providing us with.

It is now functioning as a platform for a small but tight-knit community in The Netherlands, and is slowly spreading around the globe.
We are averse to institutional religion and guruship, and we prefer to keep our feet on the ground – how else can you dance?

Our activities are deeply rooted in the experience and creation of music.
We’re currently spending most of our time in the studio on music production, on occasion working with guest musicians.